The Nelsons

Our family is here to provide support, compassion, and information to help you through your journey of grief and the celebration of your loved one’s life.

My wife, Erin and our two boys, Sawyer and Cooper could not be happier about this new chapter in our lives as we transition into our new home and business here at Hall Funeral Home in Casco. We moved back home to the area in 2014 when I took a position locally as a Funeral Director and Erin started her career at Norway Savings Bank, serving the Lake Region community out of the Bridgton office as Branch Manager & Lender. The boys started school in the Lake Region School District and we settled in nicely with various civic organizations including the Lakes Region Rotary Club, the Bridgton Lions Club, the Greater Bridgton Lake Region Chamber of Commerce.

The advantage to us in this was that I was born in Bridgton, attended Fryeburg Academy elementary schools and graduated from Oxford Hills High School, all-the-while working in the Nelson family cemetery care and grave digging business from the Fryeburg and surrounding towns to the Oxford Hills communities. After graduating from college with a Funeral Service degree, I worked in the Farmington area for 15 years as a Funeral Director as well in the monument business with the Wiles family before moving back “home.” It was wonderful for me to get back and reconnect with old friends and serve the families of this area and nearby towns. Especially nice for me was to also become part of the Fryeburg Pine Grove Cemetery Association, where as a kid, I learned to run a lawn mower alongside my father and brother.

As Erin and I started discussing the notion of funeral home ownership with one another a big concern was moving to an unfamiliar place and the “starting over,” if you will. As we started to have more serious conversations, Eric and Jen Hall came into the fray. As it progressed it just seemed so natural for everyone and with minimal impact, especially and most importantly to the families that Hall Funeral Home has served since the early 1800’s. It meant that the boys wouldn’t have to change schools, Erin would still serve the same people in her position at the bank, and ultimately, I would as well.

There is no doubt that if the Halls were serious about selling their business to someone who didn’t have the same last name, careful consideration had to be made. For them I’d like to think that it was the fact that another young family was moving in and that the same honest, hard-working, care and service to families would continue. Sawyer and Cooper have already started their exploration of the fields and the construction of forts in the woods. For Erin and I, we are simply overcome with the sincere well wishes for the few that have learned of this by our colleagues, family and friends. The Hall family has been tremendously supportive to us as well. Someone recently told me that if the Halls were okay with us then they would be too.

You’ll see us at the same sporting events, attending the same school functions, hunting the same familiar woods, fishing the same lakes and streams and at the same corner store grabbing a cup of coffee.  You’ll see me mowing the grass, shoveling the walk, cleaning the gutters and putting up our firewood for winter.  You’ll see the boys kicking the ball around on the lawn, shooting hoops in front of the barn and exploring the fields and woods around us, just like what has happened in this home for over 185 years.